Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Earning Trust

So in the last two weeks I have seen two horses come from the New Holland auction. First one of my most dear friends posted bail for the other was bought by my girlfriend and I. Both of these horses are in need to be trimmed since their feet are a complete mess. So I started with with LB (Lucky Boy owned by my friend) first. This gelding has been neglected for some time. He wanted no part of the hoofjack at all. Had to go old school with him and even then it took countless tries for him to give up his to me at all. I can't imagine what this went through that made him so nervous that he had no interest in getting his feet done. Patience is the winner as usual. I got his front two just about finished. Didn't want to push it to far with him on day one. We ended on a good note. Hopefully this coming weekend will be better for him. Now onto Titan, he came to us on Tuesday at 1am. Tuesday afternoon this pinto gelding was groomed for the better part of 2 hours and still needs a lot more time. Worked very hard to build his trust. Again this guy has seen some abuse. He is underweight and not overly trusting of men from what I can tell so far. He did give his hooves but very relectant to continue to allow me to hold them. When Danielle (Girlfriend) asked for his hooves he did give them with slightly less trouble. I'm just hoping as he settles in, he understands that he is now in a loving home and will allow me to be able to correct the long toes, flares and cracks that I have seen already. I'm getting a big box of treats for this weekend and I'm going to set forth on earning both of their trust. So the question of the day is, there are so many ways to win over an animals trust. What is your favorite meathod? Many say clicker training, others say to just have raw patience, I have also heard and seen just brute force. So far patience and rewards have been the best meathod I have seen, but I am also going to start to learn more about clicker training. Let me know your throughts


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